Sunday, 3 March 2013

The first waveform

It start to work!!

This is my first waveform! the X and Y scaling are still not working...
I am applying an input signal of only  280 mVpp, 50 KHz sine wave .  How you can see below at moment the scope has a floor noise of 4 - 5 mV which I believe I can fix.
The noise floor is due to the FTDI chip .
Unfortunately the FTDI USB chip (at moment) is not isolated from my Scope, and this seems causing some noise issues. My plan is to insert a galvanic insulation between the scope and the FTDI, and I guess the Noise floor should improve.

My plan for next week:
work on the SW side only, so the scope start to behave like a proper scope.
maybe (if I've got time ) solder the channel 2 .

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