Friday, 29 March 2013

Vertical and Horizontal cursors

Adding more functionality on the Oscilloscope

Horizontal and vertical cursors

Designing a digital oscilloscope that is actually useful for a designer seems to be an hard task today for many company. Probably one reason is that the person who write the specs... most of the time.... is not a designer... It could be a very clever chap but sometime  doesn't use the oscilloscope very often.
For example one of the most useful function on a modern oscilloscope is to be able  to make horizontal and vertical measurement. Now while most oscilloscope have this functionality, a functionality very useful is to bring an horizontal cursor back to the screen, without the need to turn 100 times the knob, or without the need to zoom out, then bring the cursor in the middle, then zoom in, and so on.
I have added a simple button that does that for me! 
In many oscilloscope, for some reason the cursors interface is quite a mess, you need to press a button to switch between he cursor and when you press one more time you need to do again and again...
why make the life difficult?
see the GUI below and you immediately understand how it works.

Se you at next time.

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