Saturday, 16 February 2013

Yet Another Digital Oscilloscope

I discovered to love electronics from at the age of 12 when I started read my daddy's book "how to build your own radio".  
After that book I read another one and then another and another and so on...Today I'm one of the few lucky guys that get payed for something that would probably do for free. I design electronics ... but unfortunately at  work I don't decide what to design... so one day I said..."why don't start to design something for fun?"
What about an Oscilloscope?

Designing a good oscilloscope is challenging...this will be my first real attempt to do it. As I am aware of the challenge I decided to design a low specs. If the experiment will be successful I will design an higher specs in the future.

Let's start with some basic specifications:

  1. Analog Bandwidth, DC- 60 MHz with 1% max ripple or better
  2.  +-20V max input signal
  3. USB/Ethernet connected
  4.  trigger AUTO, NORMAL, (rising, falling)
  5. 4 Kbyte buffer
  6. 2 channels

A few months later...

YES the PCB is done! I have used DesignSpark from RS. I think is probably the best free CAD around.

I have placed the order on I have used them in the past and I think they are quite good!
The PCB costed me around 115£ for one in 15 working day...
While waiting the PCB coming I started designing the  GUI interface.
What tool to use? I wanted the GUI to work on Windows and Linux...
I have found Lazarus from if you have used Delphi in the past you shouldn't found any problem using it. it looks like the old interface of Delphi.

After 2 weeks of work mostly in the weekend and in the evening after work I managed to have that:

Not too bad... for a home project...
In the next blogs I will explain more in details the project....

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